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Edward D. Webster’s wide-ranging interests have led him to diverse careers; from teaching high school math to Navajo students in NM; to helping create an energy conservation program for a California county; to working to establish a center for abused, neglected and abandoned children.

He is the author of an eclectic collection of books as well as articles appearing in publications as diverse as The Boston Globe and Your Cat magazine. His writing has been honored by groups ranging from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and Midwest Book Review to the Boomer Times.

Ed admits to a fascination with unique, quirky, and bizarre human behavior. His acclaimed memoir, A Year of Sundays (Taking the Plunge and our Cat to Explore Europe) shares the eccentric tale of his months-long adventure in Europe with his spirited, blind wife and headstrong, deaf, geriatric cat.

In his historical novel, Soul of Toledo, about Spain in the 1440s, the diabolical nature of mankind stands out as madmen take over the city of Toledo and torture suspected Jews, thirty years before the Spanish Inquisition. (Based on a history by Benjamin Netanyahu’s father.)

Webster also likes to mix unique characters to see what they’ll do with/to each other. In his novel, The Gentle Bomber’s Melody, a nutty woman, bearing a stolen baby, lands on the doorstep of a fugitive (but gentle) bomber hiding from the FBI. The result: irresistible insanity.

In his third novel, Carlos Crosses the Line, Webster cast his eye in other directions: the 1960s, the immigration quagmire, the validity of borders between people and countries—and most essentially, the question of what to believe if you don’t accept your culture’s traditional values.

Now, American Nonsensical crosses new lines, with a pair of charlatan preachers, multiple missing persons, a body (dead or alive?) in an old mining pit and two detectives seeking to solve the cases while arguing over Donald Trump and conspiracy theories. Here, Webster delves into the nature of truth, religion and sanity in an America churning with unprecedented tension.

Webster lives in Southern California with his divine wife and two amazing cats.


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