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 In Edward Webster’s insightful new book, Carlos Montoya crossed lines by forsaking his culture’s unquestioning faith, and by entering California illegally during the free-love, irreligious 1960s. There, three women tempted him to abandon more of his limits.

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Shining A Light on Human Nature

Ed Webster is the author of an eclectic collection of books and articles appearing in such diverse publications as the Boston Globe and Your Cat Magazine, highlighting offbeat aspects of human nature, real and fictional. His new novel, Carlos Crosses the Line, involves immigration, religious questioning, and of course, a romance. The main theme originated with the question, “What should you believe, if you don’t believe them?”

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Carlos Crosses the Line--August 4, 2020 -- Edward D. Webster's new book Carlos Crosses the Line is LIVE! It is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook forms.  

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Extraordinary, compelling, and with an impressive attention to historical detail and character development, "Soul of Toledo" is an absorbing read from beginning to end, and highly recommended for community library Historical Fiction collections.

Midwest Book Reviews

...loved, loved Edward Webster's descriptions and how he explained the imagery around Viçente. Viçente is such a strong human character ... not an epic hero, but a human who falls in love and makes mistakes.

Readers Favorite Book Review

Ed Webster's writing is crisp, penetrating, and relevant.

Jose Angel Ramirez – Author of Reflections of The Distant Fires

Webster’s writing is assured, and he takes great care to draw his flesh-and-blood, humane characters. This is a must read for fans of literary fiction

The Prairies Book Review

RECOMMENDED. This is an intriguing story that explores the capacity of good, evil, and everything in between that exists within the human race.

US Review


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Toledo, Spain 1391- 1449
The Spanish Inquisition won’t begin for more than 30 years, but seeds of hatred have sprouted in Castile. Suspicions fester. Violence lies close beneath the surface.

Viçente Perez is a converso, a Catholic born to Jewish parents in 1391, the year of the great slaughter, the year his parents renounced Judaism to save his life.

Travel to Europe with Edward D. Webster, his spirited, blind wife, Marguerite and Felicia, the Queen of Traveling Cats in Ed’s Book, A Year of Sundays: Taking the Plunge (and Our Cat) to Explore Europe.

“… Any man who decides to take a year off work and go to Europe with a deaf cat and a blind, menopausal wife is asking for trouble, or at the very least, a good set of memoirs. And that’s precisely what we have here.” Hackwriters.com, the International Writers Magazine.

Wendell Hawthorne’s having a fine day, testing one of his bombs, when Melody Reeves crashes her car into the woods near his cabin. The car contains the baby she’s kidnapped from a Santa Fe hospital.

Melody believes the infant was meant to be hers, but she knows that the FBI won’t see it her way. She needs a hideout, like Wendell’s cozy cabin, but those explosions she hears out in the woods are scary.

Carlos Montoya crossed one line by forsaking his culture’s unquestioning faith. He leapt past another, as he entered California illegally during the free-love, irreligious 1960s. There, three women tempted him to abandon more of his limits.

That summer of 1968, he fled California, falsely accused, beaten, and terrified.