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Russian Deceptions, American Deep Fakes, Unorthodox Ideas, and Gentle Love

 In Russian Nonsensical, Edward D. Webster weaves a spellbinding embroidery of mystery and intrique, with threads of betrayal, exotic thefts, international adventure, and the looming specter of war in Ukraine.

Pastor Clem Dudas is a man of exquisite contradictions; a charismatic preacher who features rattlesnakes in his worship, a businessman developing fake AI “political exposés,” a schemer with clandestine Russian connections. Bud Randolpf shares Clem’s politics, he loves snakes, and he travels to Russia to find love. When the snakes go missing and Russia attacks Ukraine, it all descends into chaos.

Detective Fiction in the era of Trump


If you’re astounded by claims of pedophiles running the government, the thought of micro-chips doing the backstroke in vaccines, and the belief that the earth is truly flat, wait till you meet Stan and Bud. The two detectives argue over everything crazy or sane, while trying to solve multiple missing persons cases that span two decades. Along the way they encounter Covid-19, preachers claiming holy healing magic, a man who channels his deceased canine, a brush with January 6 madness and a body or two residing at the bottom of a mine pit in Navajo country, New Mexico. – And, despite the chaos, a sweet romance.

Books by Edward D. Webster

American Nonsensical: A unique, original, supremely entertaining mystery with sharp sleuthing and a lot of heart…

The Prairies Book Review

Extraordinary, compelling, and with an impressive attention to historical detail and character development, "Soul of Toledo" is an absorbing read from beginning to end, and highly recommended for community library Historical Fiction collections.

Midwest Book Reviews

...loved, loved Edward Webster's descriptions and how he explained the imagery around Viçente. Viçente is such a strong human character ... not an epic hero, but a human who falls in love and makes mistakes.

Readers Favorite Book Review

Ed Webster's writing is crisp, penetrating, and relevant.

Jose Angel Ramirez – Author of Reflections of The Distant Fires

Webster’s writing is assured, and he takes great care to draw his flesh-and-blood, humane characters. This is a must read for fans of literary fiction

The Prairies Book Review

RECOMMENDED. This is an intriguing story that explores the capacity of good, evil, and everything in between that exists within the human race.

US Review

An original and deftly crafted novel by an author with a genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative driven storytelling that completely engages the reader's total attention from first page to last, "Carlos Crosses The Line: A Tale of Immigration, Temptation and Betrayal in the Sixties" is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction and Hispanic American Fiction collections.

Midwest Book Review, February 2021


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